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About the Artist

Mural Headshot Fav.jpg

Heather L. Jones

Born in Winston Salem, NC

Heather is a custom painting artist of original artworks, portrait paintings from photographs, pet/dog portraits, murals for businesses and homes, and any custom requested painting. Collaborations based on original ideas can be made and brought to reality on canvas.  



Her creations are a visceral playground of whimsy. From the haunting absence inside a silhouette to the maniacal color parade in her images of fantasy; she weaves dreams into colorful statements and claims boldness through obtuse concepts.

Her work is a study of the falsities in nostalgia.

She’s often found merging the wooded remembrances of a nature filled youth to the esoteric nightmares of a mind left unattended. It’s breathless...easy...and darker as you slip inside. Her characters are often victims in wait… or bystanders in their own lives.

Her landscapes are worlds where giants wandered and meadows that recollections will contort. She re-imagines places that you’ve been in your mind- and speaks to the solace inside you… ever surprising the onlooker as their secret hideaway is revealed.

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